Our Rehab Ambassadors



Abbey is the horse that started it all!  Found staggering in a kill pen, she was brought to Amber Glen for rehabilitation.  Due to blunt force trauma, Abbey is 100% blind in her left eye, and 75% in her right.  

Because of the extent of her injuries, Abbey is the perfect ambassador for overcoming adversity as she has now regained her own confidence and is even competing in the show ring!



Zeus is a 22-year old Tennessee Walking Horse who was a part of the Volunteer Mounted Unit of Pinellas Park.  He has had extensive training with obstacles and chaotic situations, making him the perfect beginner horse.  He ability to remain calm and patient assists riders in building confidence necessary to be successful in and out of the arena.  



Abandoned in a field in South Florida, Scooby is one of Amber Glen's first rescues.  He is a 16-year old chestnut Warmblood gelding.  With a calm disposition and a super smooth gait, Scooby helps our riders achieve their goals with the confidence of his compassionate soul.



Gypsy Vanner's are known for their calm and patient dispositions, and Keebler is no exception.   A privately-owned horse on loan to the program, Keebler has been worked into our rehab program assisting our beginning riders learn the basics of horsemanship.  With his broad back and patient demeanor, he allows his riders to master the art of balance.  Keebler can be ridden both English and Western.



Mahi is a 14-year old Arabian/Quarter Horse cross.  She is a liver chestnut who was donated to Front Runners so she could be provided with the necessary care that her previous owner was unable to provide her.  She can be ridden both English and Western, she is a confident little horse with a huge personality.



Diesel is a 17-year old Tennesee Walking Horse.  He is excellent on the ground teaching proper horsemanship and groundwork.  He rides English and Western and has a very calm demeanor.  He loves developing bonds with his riders and his smooth gait allows riders who need to work on balance to advance in their horsemanship skills.