Creeping Indigo Toxicity

Video courtesy of Nina's Warriors

Patti Gail and the Fight Against Creeping Indigo

For years now, Patti Gail has been a front runner in the fight against Creeping Indigo.  It started in 2014, when some area horses were exposed to the weed.  After thousands of dollars in vet bills, a desperate owner posted her symptoms on a local Facebook page.  One of the horses had passed away, and the others were suffering from seizures, restlessness, depression, and paralysis. 

Having studied both medicine and nutrition, Patti studied the symptoms and the bloodworks and told them that she thought she could help their horses, even when no one else could.  With her own self-made feeding and supplement plans, she stepped in to help.  Treating every horse was different, due to symptoms, size, and weight, but working alongside cooperative veterinarians, and the rest of her team, Patti has successfully rehabilitated dozens of horses suffering from Creeping Indigo.  

All of the horses saved, and all the ground-breaking research and success Patti has incurred in treating these symptoms have been done on her own dime.  That's right, Patti Gail and Amber Glen Wellness Center have treated these horses without any compensation for time, feed, supplements.  You read that right!  Not a single person has been charged for the treatment of their horses!  With your assistance and generous donation of any dollar amount,  we can continue the fight on Creeping Indigo.

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Video courtesy of Nina's Warriors

What is Creeping Indigo?

Creeping Indigo is a short-lived herbaceous plant with creeping or scrambling stems. Its alternately arranged leaves are once-compound with 5-11 leaflets these oblong leaflets (5-25 mm long) have hairless or sparsely hairy upper surfaces and densely hairy undersides. Its small pink or pinkish-orange pea-shaped flowers (4-5 mm long) are arranged in elongated clusters up to 10 cm long its narrow cylindrical pods (15-25 mm long) are borne in a backwards facing position.


A very common weed of lawns, gardens, footpaths, roadsides, disturbed sites and waste areas.


The stems are slightly flattened, and sparsely hairy (i.e. puberulent). The alternately arranged leaves are once-compound (i.e. pinnate) with 5-11 alternatively arranged leaflets. Their leaflets (5-25 mm long and 4-10 mm wide) are oblong in shape with entire margins. These leaflets are hairless (i.e. glabrous) or sparsely hairy (i.e. puberulent) on the upper surface, while their undersides are densely covered with small close-lying hairs (i.e. appressed pubescent).


The small pea-shaped flowers (4-5 mm long) are pink or pinkish-orange in colour. They are arranged in elongated clusters (i.e. spike-like racemes) up to 10 cm long. Each flower has a larger upper petal (i.e. standard), two side petals (i.e. wings) and two lower petals that are fused together and folded (i.e. a keel). The flowers also have ten stamens and an elongated ovary topped with a style and stigma. The fruit are cylindrical pods (15-25 mm long) that turn from green to dark brown in colour as they mature. These fruit are borne in a backwards facing position (i.e. they are deflexed) and are sparsely hairy (i.e. puberulent).


This species reproduces by seed, which are probably dispersed by mowers and in contaminated soil. They may also be spread by water and in mud attached to animals and vehicles.

Information taken from - Nina's Warriors (Creeping Indigo Resource)


Angelina & Triumfo

 Dear Patti, I hope you are well.  We don’t have an emergency.  We thought this moment would never be possible.  Thanks to your fine supplements and and generosity, this moment was.  He no longer has ataxia or any apparent deficits.  He is happy, as are the other two.  We bought a small home on almost 3 acres in Sumter County.  They are very happy and we are blessed.  Wanted to share it with you!  You sent us supplements when they were poisoned in Spring Hill in 2016. Thank you! 

Yoli and Angelina Leon & Triumfo...... 24 months after Creeping Indigo. 



 Hi my name is Zaporah.  My mommy, Daddy and I are forever grateful for Patti Gail & Nina's Warriors!!! Here are some new pics of me taken today.  I have recovered well! I now run fast again, play with tons of curiosity , and have a great appetite.  I am back to my fat and sassy self!  Thank you so much for being there to help my mommy to know how to help me and I thank my Creator for covering me with His wings of healing .