About Us

Mission Statement


Front Runners Rehab and Rescue at Amber Glen Wellness Center is a non-profit organization that provides equine assisted therapy to individuals with disabilities and other challenges. Our clients develop physical strength, increased mobility, and self-confidence, while receiving therapy through equestrian activities that accommodate their specific needs.  

Our Vision


It is the vision of Front Runners Rehab and Rescue that no person and no horse gets turned away.  Amber Glen Wellness Center sets its sights to taking in horses with no hope, rehabilitating and retraining them, and giving them new purpose in our therapeutic riding programs.  

Our Founder


Patti is a woman who can’t say no to an animal in need.  In 2004 her own horse Echo was boarded at a nearby barn when it caught fire.  Sadly, 75% of his body was burned.  In the search to find options to heal her horse, she quickly realized that there were no facilities that offered the types of therapy he would need.  Her only option was equine hospitals that would house him, but were completely unaffordable.  Knowing that Echo was not ready to die, her mission was formed.  Fast forward to 2017 and she is very busy with her rehabilitation and physical therapy center.  The facility has grown and is known all over the country for its huge success rate in saving horses.  Over the last several years she has worked tirelessly to combat the effects caused by the invasive plant species Creeping Indigo and has developed an evolving treatment plan that has, to date, saved over 40 critical horses affected by this dangerous weed, and treated countless others before they became critical.



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